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Tasty Tom vine tomatoes

Vereijken Kwekerijen B.V. specialises in growing and packaging Tasty Tom vine tomatoes. The vine tomatoes are grown all year round. Tasty Tom vine tomatoes are spicy and full of aroma. All tomatoes mature on the plant and are therefore full of flavour. Delicious in a salad, on a sandwich or for making soup or a sauce.

Tasty Tom vine tomatoes are sold in the Netherlands at Albert Heijn supermarkets and greengrocers.

Tasty Tom Gold

The yellow variant with the same high-quality consumer experience!

Tasty Tom Gold are full-flavour tomatoes with a strikingly sunny yellow colour. Just like the red Tasty Tom, this tomato is also deliciously sweet. And last but not least, Tasty Tom Gold can be perfectly combined thanks to its sunny yellow colour. An ideal basis for colourful, tasty and distinctive salads or filled sandwiches.

The Tasty Tom Gold is available between April and September through a limited number of greengrocers.

Tasty Tom mini

Tasty Tom Mini, the same full flavour, but smaller in size! Tasty Tom Mini is a deliciously sweet tomato with a crispy bite. Ideal as a healthy snack for in between or complementary during drinks. Tasty Tom Mini is available all year round all and, just like Tasty Tom Gold, sold at a limited number of greengrocers.

Red Nature

The Red Nature tomato is a small, deep red, sweet vine tomato, full of flavour, fresh and of excellent quality that keeps well. They are ideal for salads thanks to their sweet and spicy flavour. The vine tomatoes are not cut
until every tomato on the vine has the same beautiful red colour.

Red Nature tomatoes are offered at Jan Linders.

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